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Michael Yublosky, MBA, retired professional consultative salesman and entrepreneur, now enjoys his passion of coaching and tutoring the self employed as well as small business owners and managers. He also volunteers teaching unemployed job seekers in the north and northwest suburban how to use social media to expand their job search horizons and add to their skills. He presents at area libraries, park districts and vocational service centers as well as to community groups and businesses.
Michael's company, JEM Consulting div., is an active member of the Buffalo Grove Area Chamber of Commerce.  He acts as social media co-chair and manages the Chamber's LinkedIn Networkers group.  He invites anyone interested to join the LinkedIn Networkers group which is open to all. Yublosky labels himself "The Web Professor" and brags he takes a contrarian approach to traditional sales and marketing techniques, especially as it applies to Internet marketing. His practical, hands on expertise ranges from Search Engine Optimization to using free Social Media tools to E-Marketing Strategies and Campaigns for Web site businesses. Michael relies heavily upon and also teaches others to use the WordPress publishing platform for Web sites and blogs and uses LinkedIn, WordPress blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to grow his and clients' businesses.  His Web site blog is found at http://diywebjem.com/blog/  Michael is truly living his passion.  He claims to be permanently tethered to the Web and goes into withdrawal if absent but for a few hours.  He is delighted to join the Buffalo Grove Patch as a guest blogger and welcomes your comments.
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