Local Seniors Run Their Own Television Show

Senior Issues, Etc. aims to share insight from seniors with seniors.

When Vita Verden, Gloria Shapiro and Selby Hussey retired, they noticed something about the senior community: there was no one speaking for them. What began as a variety show, quickly turned into a show about the issues facing seniors today. 

Whether its a financial issue, medical advice, or even self defense for seniors, the group of eight seniors has dedicated themselves to giving a "voice to the voiceless."

When the show began eight years ago, the trio focused their efforts on finding issues, but left the technical aspects to the cable network. After time, however, they trained with Comcast Cable and brought on a whole team, consisting entirely of senior citezens, to run the cameras, sound, set, and direct the live broadcast.

A truly inspiring group, the team from Senior Issues, Etc. proves that you are never to old to learn and share your voice.

Starting this Sunday, Libertyville Patch will air Senior Issues, Etc. every two weeks. Check out what these amazing seniors have to say this weekend.


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